How to Create Blog Content to Attract Your Ideal Target Audience

4 Easy Steps to Refresh Your Blog to Get More Qualified Leads
If you have a blog, you know that creating fresh, valuable content is key to your overall success. By posting well-written content on a regular basis, you’ll improve your search rankings and drive traffic to your business.

But it’s not quite as simple as just writing a blog and waiting for the leads and sales to roll in. It takes a bit of time and effort to SEO optimize your website blog posts, but it’s worth it.

Here are four simple steps to help you get the most out of your content:

1. Start with researching highly searched topics in Google.
Google AdWords is an amazing tool for helping you find high-traffic keyword phrases. Think of what people are typing into that Google search bar. Often, it’s “how to” do something, so let their curiosity be your guide as you’re writing your blog.

While highly searched topics are the way to go, try to find the perfect balance of traffic and competition. If you’re always going after the most popular topics, competition is going to be fierce.

Your odds of having your article or video appear at the top of the search results will be a way bigger challenge than if you choose something that’s sought after yet not crazy competition.

One of our clients, Deez Skin Reju & Pain Clinic, offers body contouring. By targeting the keyword phrase body contouring after weight loss, they can attract their target audience to the website.

2. You want to write a blog title that includes your target keyword phrase. Your blog title is the first thing that people are going to see, so it’s crucial that it’s both engaging and tells people what they’re going to get out of reading in it.
Ultimately, your blog title should appeal to both readers and search engines. However, you never want to focus on “writing for the search engines” by cramming your content full of keywords or using awkward phrases just because you think they might be good for SEO.

In addition to the blog title, use your keyword phrase several times in key places in your article, including:

Don’t forget to optimize your title, description and keyword meta tags for more SEO juice. If you are using WordPress for your blog, there are plugins such as Yoast SEO that make it easy to quickly add these tags.

By targeting keywords such as brand identity in our blog posts, we attract people to our site who may be interested in our services.

  • The first paragraph
  • Subtitles in the article (use H2, H3 and H4 header tags)
  • Image ALT tags and file names
  • Hyperlinks within the article
  • The last paragraph

3. Link to articles of interest.
Not only does linking to other articles add value for your readers, but it can boost your SEO. You could say something like “If you enjoyed this content, here are some related articles you may enjoy.” You simply hyper link to the other articles, and you’re creating internal cross links that will be beneficial to your search engine ranking.

Speaking of linking, why not post teasers and links to your blog articles on all your social media platforms? This means that incoming links are working to increase the popularity of your website.

Keep a checklist handy (we use an Excel spreadsheet) to make it easy to get into the habit of ensuring your post is promoted to all the right channels.

4. Be consistent.
Consistency is key in all areas of your business, and optimizing your blog is no different. All of these tips can be very helpful for increasing your SEO traffic to your website, but only if you regularly post new articles.

If you haven’t posted anything new to your website for a while, the search engines will soon think your website has been abandoned.

While improving your SEO and increasing traffic to your site isn’t rocket science, it does take time and effort. There are also a number of other techniques that will really help, but it’s too many to list here!

One of the best things you can do for your business is to hire a professional marketing company. We have a team of professionals who can assist you with optimizing your blog, driving traffic and boosting engagement.

To your business success,