Finding Your Unique Voice As a Blogger

How do you find your unique voice as a blogger? What IS your unique voice and how do you write great content for your blog?

These are questions I hear all the time. Once I found my unique voice, my passion for what I wanted to share… the task became fun and easy to do.

Blogs enable anyone to be heard. There have been several bloggers that have become very successful due to the quality and content of their blogs. Most of these bloggers also have a personality that shines through in their writing. Some of them are tech experts, some of them are political pundits and some of them are humor writers.

Whatever niche you are trying to carve out, you will want to make sure the blog sounds original and that your personality is apparent in everything that you write, even if the blog is not about you.

Tech experts offer some of the best examples of good web writing. Their blogs come in all different levels. There are blogs for people who want to know how to perform user-level tasks and there are blogs that explain how to modify your operating system at the most fundamental levels. These writers usually garner an audience by speaking to their visitors in a unique voice. This may flow from their use of language, from their experience or from their choice in subject matter. You should cultivate your strengths when developing the tone of your blog.

Your voice should reflect who you really are. There are quite a few blogs on the Internet written by people who sound as if they simply want to be successful bloggers. The truly successful bloggers sound like writers who have something to say. Their subjects are focused, but they manage to interject their own personality into all their posts. As a guideline, humor is one of the hardest things to write. If you are just starting out, it is better to be a bit reserved in regard to making jokes. Some people find them distracting and that can take away from your content.

The truly successful bloggers tend to be very solid experts in their fields. From there, they are able to establish their voice in terms of what they bring to that field. If you are writing a blog about a particular field, including a lot of objective information will tend to give you an expert voice. Being very on-topic will also help with this. If you are more casual in your blogging habits, you can spice up posts with pictures and video, which can make people take a greater interest in your posts. In any case, be sure to be yourself and you will find that your writing comes much more naturally.