Choosing the Right Niche Topic For Your Blog That Can Wield Income

Do you know that statistics actually show that almost 50% of the blogs on the market are targeted towards making money? What has this got to show? There are more and more competition for online businesses and many are blogging on the popular topics. For example, if you browse through blogs, you can find a handful of blogs catered towards how to earn money online. Therefore, if you were to blog about the same topic, you will need to find a unique point for your blog.

There are several questions you need to ask yourself before starting to make your first post.

The first question would be “Is the topic a growing or shrinking market?”. It would be best if you could come out with a totally new niche for you to blog about. This niche could in turn become the next hottest topic online. If you decided to go into a topic that is already available in the market, then you need to ask yourself the second question.

The second question would be “What is the segment that your competitors are not showing?”. If you are able to find out the information that your competitors neglected, that will be the unique selling point of your blog. Even though it is of similar niche to the other blogs, but your blog are published with this small segment that no one blogs have. This will definitely draw in a lot of attention. After you have or have not discovered the loopholes of the niche, you need to ask yourself a third question.

The third question would be ” Do you have sufficient knowledge to blog for 6 months or even up to 12 months on the same topic? ” If your answer is no, then i suggest you find another new niche. Don’t dream of getting a blog successful in a short time. You need to build rapport with your blog readers before you can actually convince them that the content on your blog is genuine. However, once the rapport is built, blog is a very strong tool to convert your readers to prospects and to customers.

Once you have decided on your niche, be passionate about the topic that you blog because readers will know from the content. If you blog with the mentality of just earning money, the chances of you succeeding are lowered.

Blogging is a ever continuous issue. Never stop blogging and eventually persistence will pay off.