Blog Marketing – It’s Your Key to Keyword Domination on Google

The key to keyword domination on Google using blog marketing is getting relevant pages on the web for your keywords which in turn will drive traffic and prospects to your website, and if done in the right way it can be a crucial part of your online marketing mix.

And the way to get your pages and website high up on Google and the other search engines is to keep adding relevant content to your site and to create masses of relevant inbound links to your site, from relevant pages.

Blog Marketing is one way to accelerate your results and there are some really cool strategies for making your efforts explode, blog marketing can really take your internet marketing to the next level.

So, back to blog marketing what’s that about – here’s what you need to know, it really is very simple. All you need to do is post your information in the form of articles, also known as blog posts on various blogs online that are relevant to your services and website and remember you need to include a link in your blog post that links back to your website, that’s the fuel that’s going to drive your whole strategy.

To find the right blogs go and Google your keywords and scroll through the listings to find blogs that are in the same niche as you, then you need to contact the blog owners and offer your expertise as a guest blogger, you will be surprised at the amount of blog owners who are willing to allow you to do this, simply because they are going to get free content form you, their visitors will love it and Google will love their blog for it.

Plus, your site will gain an incredible amount of link juice.

It’s a win win situation and everybody is happy.

Alternatively, get involved in the conversations on blogs that will allow you to post your website link in the comments section.

Don’t just comment for the sake of it, get involved and put your point across relating to the blog post you are commenting on, this part is vital as a beefed up comment will beef up the content on the page that links back to you.

It’s a great way of gaining links back to your site, plus it establishes you as an expert and you may even get invited to be a guest blogger without even going out to find blogs who are willing to include your information.