3 Web Site Marketing Strategies For Web Bloggers

If your web site is a blog, you have a much larger set of options for effective web site marketing strategies. Because blogs are naturally designed to interact with other blogs on the web, if you take advantage of these functions you can dramatically increase your site’s traffic quickly and easily. Read on for three effective ways to start doing this today.

Marketing Strategy #1: Network with other bloggers and interested visitors using Technorati.

Technorati is THE search engine for bloggers. Because blogs update very frequently, traditional search engines are still trying to keep up with spidering and listing content on blogs. Luckily, Technorati constantly checks all blogs that have signed up, keeps tracks of and ranks new content in real time. Technorati also allows bloggers to create profile pages, bookmark other blogs and network with other like minded bloggers. Creating your own Technorati account and submitting your blogs to it is a must-do marketing strategy for all bloggers.

Marketing Strategy #2: Google Blog Search Commenting

Not every blogger is hooked in with Technorati though. Luckily, Google has developed a blog-centric search engine that’s helpful for networking with other like-minded bloggers. You’ll find it at blogsearch.google.com. Use this search to find other blogs in your market that you can read and leave useful comments on – while at the same time linking back to your site. Networking this way can increase your backlinks and natural search rankings and also increase the number of visitors who come from the blogs you post on.

Marketing Strategy #3: Linkbaiting

Make sure once visitors land on your site they have a good reason to tell others about it. Creating a post purposely designed to spread virally this way is known as linkbaiting. Linkbait ideas that work great for blogs including making controversial posts about current events, writing complimentary reviews or even critiques about other blogs in your niche or the ever-popular method of holding a contest. Contest link bait often offer a great prize drawn lottery style at the end of a specified time frame. To be eligible, visitors must link back to you from their own blog and tell others about your contest. These can create a lot of traffic fast.