3 Important Marketing Tips That Will Increase Your Blogging Profits

Since every blogger is always looking for methods that will give them the edge to increase profits, here are 3 important marketing tips that will help you to achieve just that.

There are many methods you can use to make money with your blog that are valuable and have been proven over time by the successful implementation of others. You don’t always have to reinvent the wheel; you can just put to use these practices that have already been developed by others through trial and error.

The following blog marketing tips will help you to increase your blog sales and help you further the success of your profit blog.

Blogging Tip 1.

This tactic is not really well known and has been proven through research.

It is a good idea to use a unique blog to promote each separate product you are marketing or if you have more than one product on your blog, it is important that you devote a page to each item unless say you are selling volume such as vitamins or books. Even with blogs selling volume it is a good idea to adhere to this method as much as possible. If nothing else, highlight your best products on their own separate page.

Blogging Tip 2.

A little further down the road when you get your blog put together and somewhat established, you may want to consider building a list, by putting an opt in box on the first page of your blog. That will allow you to build a list and ultimately sell to your list. When you have a list, you can provide a weekly newsletter if you wish, giving valuable information and/or promoting a product you are highlighting and would be of benefit to your list member.

If you elect not to build a list, your sales will be made by your blog alone. One of two things happen then. The visitor buys your product (conventional thought on this says most potential buyers will visit your site roughly 5 times before they buy) or the visitor leaves or returns and still doesn’t purchase your product(s). The obvious advantage of building a list is it gives you a chance to make valuable offers to your readers.

Blogging Tip 3.

Try to get more targeted traffic to your blog. Also, the more videos and “fun” items you have on your blog, the more distracted your visitors get and it lowers your blog profits. The average percentage of sales per hundred visitors should be somewhere around 3% – 3 visitors out of 100 is average, a better number would be 5 out of 100.

These three tactics will help you to make more money with your blog.