Why Should Your Business Go For WordPress Development?

With a more than efficient CMS and a popularity that goes beyond the limit set by the sky, WordPress development has brought to one of the most exciting times of the ongoing tech revolution. Having more than 60 million people across the world using this platform, WordPress seems to have offered not just a unique, but probably the perfect solution to every business need out there.

The question that comes to mind then, is that what’s the reason that almost every business solution today starts with the intervention of a WordPress development company?

Let’s look at the possible answers:

Not Too Expensive at All!

With WordPress, you can never run into any budgetary problems, as it’s been made in open source, and is absolutely free of cost. No license fee, no nothing at all! Plus, WordPress development is one of the easiest ways to build a website. With literally thousands of themes available, along with all the plug-in, you can expand the functionality of your website through WordPress in a very time as well cost-efficient manner.

Simple and Straightforward Code

Take any WordPress site, and you’ll observe that the code behind them is simple, straightforward, and clean. Therefore, it’s no wonder that Google finds it easy to index a WordPress site. This, of course, makes these sites SEO friendly – a quality that is essential for any kind of content that pertains to marketing and goes on the Internet. To hire WordPress developers would always be a good idea for a company.

Because the platform they work on has each and every post or web page built with inbuilt keywords, as well as meta tags, title, and description. That, combined with SEO plugins, and SEO campaigns that you might run – it will prove to be a very SEO effective way to build your website.

A True Responsive Design

No website can do much good if it doesn’t have a responsive design. Partnering up with a WordPress development company can save you from becoming one of those website owners who always wonder why they don’t attract much traffic, or why their bounce rate is so high!

There is absolutely no alternative to creating a website design that is responsive to your audience. And the quality of a truly responsive site is that it conforms to whatever device you use to open it – that is, you do not have to make a different website for every single type of device.

Integrates Social Media as well

Social media sharing has become an important part of almost everyone’s personal life today. A social media platform is like this neighboring house where every person’s best friend lives; and who doesn’t love spending time with their best friend!

It’s therefore impossible to get hold of the target audience for businesses unless they too visit this friend’s house and receive the users at the door itself! With WordPress, you can easily share your website, blog, or any other content easily on any social platform, with the help of its plug-in. You wouldn’t even have to log into your social media account to separately share the content everywhere.

It’s that simple. Hence, social media integration is one of the major reasons your business should hire WordPress developers.

Scalable, Reliable, and With a Powerful CMS

Whether or not a business has been a success or not – a number of factors decide that. But, one of the major factors is always, quality. No compromise in quality can be allowed at any cost. But, how does one measure quality?

Two of the many things that truly measure the quality of a business is scalability and reliability. If a website cannot be reliable enough for its customers, and if it does not aid the business is growing bigger than what it is, then it stops being useful after a while. With WordPress development though, you can be assured that you will get a reliable and scalable CMS to work with.

The CMS is dynamic enough for you to add a lot of different features, plugins while allowing you to create different types of websites and make them as comprehensive as you’d like to. You can have thousands of blogs and any other kind of content up on your site, in order to market and scale your business better, without having to disturb the working of your website.

So many reasons, and so much more you will encounter once you start using this wonderful platform! As you rely on WordPress to help you handle your business, you will find it to be one of the best decisions you ever take for your company.

What Will Web Designers Focus on in 2021?

Parallax Animation

Every year, we witness the increase in popularity of web-based animation trends including micro interactions and particle backgrounds. In 2021, there will be more complex web animations with page elements being separated into foreground and background extremes that produce a parallax effect.

In essence, the parallax effect is giving the illusion that the images close to the viewer move faster as compared to those farther from them. Everyday, we can observe this when looking at the scenery while riding on a moving vehicle. This has a similar effect on web pages that appear to be equal parts, real and unreal.

Using foreground and background creates a depth that gives another advantage of immersion, transforming the computer screen into something similar to a theater stage. Whenever users navigate a web page, they get easily convinced by its performance just like what magic does. After all, the internet is supposed to be like some sort of magic.

Interactive questionnaires

When users visit a website, the most crucial part of their journey is the amount of time spent on the landing page, which is known as the on-boarding process. They are caught between fascination and lack of interest and their UX will determine which side they will choose.

Instead of letting users read the description and decide by themselves, most companies use questionnaires to encourage interaction. Such methods ask multiple-choice questions on their likes and dislikes so that these brands will know more about the products that will meet their requirements.

When it comes to web design, landing pages should not be just like regular web pages but rather like a sequence of cards that have animated transitions in between them. This allows users to be a lot more interactive as compared to the usual surveys found in landing pages’ headers.

These surveys that gather more information about users let potential buyers feel like members right away even before they have signed up. That being said, on-boarding questioners are expected to become a regular web design feature come 2021.

Three-dimensional color

For quite some time, using color schemes in web design have been geared towards gradients. This year will feature a new evolution, wherein color transitions will become more true to life than before. So, colors are expected to be saturated and three-dimensional in color just like fruits that can be picked out of the screen.

Designers can accomplish this trend by means of fine shading that delivers more life to the otherwise lifeless icons of the past. Most people expect to see them on app icons however; web designers are now choosing more imperfect yet natural background blended colors instead of neat gradient transitions. Two colors beside each other may suddenly smudge or else, maintain the depth and shadows of painted images. Overall, this trend implies that in 2021, web design colors aim to be more realistic than ever.