What You Need to Develop a Money Making ‘Webshop’ and Operate It

What I meant by a ‘Webshop’ is ‘a website designed to sell something to make money for the owner’. You could be selling your own products or selling someone else’s product as an Affiliate. In either case you would need to have or know a number of things besides just a ‘live’ website.

Like opening a retail front in a conventional business what you need includes:

1. A proper ‘location’
2. A management or operating system
3. A working knowledge of who your customers are and what they are looking for
4. Products to sell which would satisfy your customers
5. A Customer management system to develop a customers’ list
6. A Market Promotion Program to keep in touch with your customers regularly

Having a proper ‘location’ means that your site be visible enough for people visiting the web to find it. Ideally you should be listed highly, preferably within the first six of a Google page. How you could achieve this would depends on how you promote your ‘Webshop’; this would be covered further on in this article.

woocommerce multisite product sync

In the internet, an operating system would include your website being properly hosted; having a web designing software eg.Nvu to change your store design when you need to; an overall management system like CPanel where you can register changes, create a email address for communication with customers, provide statistics for store sales and visitors etc.; a software for capturing customers names and link them to a promotion system.

To know who your customers are starts with a decision on which market niche you would want to be in. Having decided on the Niche you would need to learn how to use keywords to find out what people are looking for.

Now knowing what your customers desire, the next thing would be to find the products which would satisfy these wants. If it is information products an appropriate place to search for them would be at ClickBank. For physical products, there are many DropShippers in the web; i.e. if you do not wish to handle the shipping and postage yourself.

As to a customers’ management system, you need to subscribe to an Auto-Responder system. This is an essential overhead you cannot do without if you want to have a permanent customers list to sell to. One good system would be AWeber.

And finally a Promotion process if you want to have your ‘WebShop’ found and visited frequently. In internet parlance, it is called Traffic Generation. You can generate traffic using a paid Pay-Per-Click campaign in Google or other Search Engines or attract free traffic through writing articles for publishing in EzineArticles.com and other sites which include forums, social bookmarking etc.

To learn how to acquire all you need for your money making ‘WebShop’ and learn how to use them effectively, I suggest you subscribe to a good Affiliate program which teaches you all of it.