Monthly Archives: October 2020

How to Make Money on WordPress

WordPress is a versatile software platform that is most commonly used as a content management system and an open blogging tool that was originally released in May of 2003. Currently, it is the most popular blogging system on the Internet with over 60 million websites using it as their preferred site platform. It is also […]

WordPress Site Design Tips

There’s a reason why WordPress is the choice of most people when it comes to blogging, or putting up a website. In fact, there are several. Let’s take a look, and see if we can break this down into a WordPress Design Guide for you. What is WordPress? WordPress is a user-friendly website creation tool. […]

SEO Techniques For WordPress Blogs

There’s a lot of amazing SEO power built into WordPress. Unfortunately it doesn’t all come by default, and you might not know what’s best when it comes to templates and options. This simple, easy to follow article will outline many WordPress SEO tips which people often forget to implement (even the most famous bloggers), or […]